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Media-carrying components with added value

Intelligent heating and cooling are among Etimex’s fortes. We enable the acid-proof condensate drainage of condensing boilers and pressure-resistant fuel lines. By combining various methods and processes, we develop and produce highly complex 3D plastic components for heat and water management.

Our aim is to support our customers in the search for solutions with added value: more efficient, smaller, thinner-walled is the motto. Our specialist areas of 3D blow moulding, injection moulding, multi-component injection moulding – including combinations of these methods – and injection-moulded functional elements for blow-moulded parts offer numerous starting points for media-carrying components in thermal technologies.

Modules for fuel cells

The Pre-Development and Development departments of the Etimex Technical Components Group are working intensively on module enclosures for fuel cells, which – similarly to a hydraulics of valve manifold design – accommodate multiple components, e.g. anode modules, cathode modules, cooling systems and air humidifiers, in combination with an enclosure for filters and compressors. Depending on the application, these enclosures can be flexibly adapted to specific architectures: this is a challenge for our experts that we are in the process of tackling together with our partners and customers. 


Precise, safe, sustainable

A development process that is carefully coordinated with our customers as well as dimensional checks, measuring equipment tests, analytical procedures and component tests guarantee the high quality and customer satisfaction expected of Etimex. Our development processes involve the use of 3D CAD systems, FEM programs, flow simulations and mould flow analyses. We produce prototypes, test them precisely and undertake ambitious steps to optimise them. Gain an edge with us – including in the field of thermal technologies!

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“We enable the safe storage of H2: via coextrusion compounding lines with EVOH in hydrogen-impermeable plastic parts!”

“We provide greater range for the mobility revolution: through the active, direct cooling of electric motors and drives!”

“We enable smart parts: high-performance heat exchangers and media-carrying assemblies!”

“We transfer know-how purposefully: into temperature-stable medical logistics!”