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Home Appliances


Hydraulic systems, air ducts and heat exchangers for home appliances

Media-carrying components as smart parts for the transport of air and water in home appliances are among the core competences of Etimex. We develop high-performance hydraulic systems, air ducts and water circuit assemblies, which we produce by means of 3D blow moulding, injection moulding, elastomer production and multi-component injection moulding – as well as combinations of these methods:

  • Water circuit and drying systems for dishwashers,
  • Water inlets and water tanks,
  • Heat exchangers and condensers made of plastic,
  • Water circuit systems and tanks for washing machines,
  • Air ducts and condensate tanks for tumble dryers,
  • Media-carrying components for steam cookers, multi-steam cookers and main steam generators,
  • Water circuit components for supply, drainage and installation systems in the sanitation industry.

Etimex stands for maximum reliability – from a trendsetting idea, via development and design, prototyping and testing, to precision manufacture.

Etimex premium products and patents

Through targeted further development, we also provide impetus in price-elastic product segments and pave the way to premium products.

  • Filled tanks for the automatic, precise dosing of detergent are an example of this – implemented with a leading manufacturer of washing machines. For a number of years, the tanks were manufactured, filled and packaged in a single operation at the Etimex site in Rottenacker.
  • A special docking geometry has been developed specifically for spray arms. In this product segment, Etimex puts aesthetic components with the highest of requirements for stiffness and impermeability into series production at low cost. The docking geometry is universally applicable. 
  • Etimex heat exchangers made of plastic – blow-moulded components in blow-moulded containers – impress from a technical and cost perspective. They are flat, lightweight, cost-effective in terms of the material used, offer maximum functionality and are produced with a high degree of automation.

Our expertise sets new standards – Etimex Technical Components is your partner for innovative, sustainable solutions in series production.


Smart products for improved comfort and hygiene

Innovative installation and flushing systems meet the high requirements for hygiene and comfort in the bathroom. As an innovation partner of a leading sanitary ware manufacturer, Etimex Technical Components develops and produces water tanks, water ducts with and without integrated odour extraction, toilet shower arms and empty pipe systems with the Etimex-patented connection of blow-moulded parts by means of a gated catch mechanism that can be easily, cost-effectively and reliably integrated into your production process. One latest innovation is a very flat siphon with excellent functional and spatial qualities. What can we do for you?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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“We enable smart parts: high-performance heat exchangers and media-carrying assemblies!”

“We provide greater range for the mobility revolution: through the active, direct cooling of electric motors and drives!”

“We transfer know-how purposefully: into temperature-stable medical logistics!”

“We enable the safe storage of H2: via coextrusion compounding lines with EVOH in hydrogen-impermeable plastic parts!”