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To enable the safe and efficient operation of fuel cells, Etimex Technical Components develops flexible plastic compounding lines with significantly reduced H2 permeation.

To do so, we combine EVOH as a traditional barrier with a polyamide carrier in a coextrusion method. Currently intended for the area between the anode and the stack module, the components ensure safe H2 transport. Furthermore, as a result of their design, they compensate for the relative movement of the two modules.

In cooperation with our sister companies, the Etimex Technical Components Group integrates EVOH barrier films into hollow bodies. These are ideal for a wide range of applications such as domestic natural gas connections or functional units for H2 recirculation. However, development at Etimex Technical Components continues apace – regarding burst pressure-resistant, permeation-resistant plastic components as well as plastic components with high thermal conductivity.

We find cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions… Etimex shapes the future with you.

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“We provide greater range for the mobility revolution: through the active, direct cooling of electric motors and drives!”

“We enable smart parts: high-performance heat exchangers and media-carrying assemblies!”

“We transfer know-how purposefully: into temperature-stable medical logistics!”