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Innovative geometries for greater efficiency

Heat exchangers can present themselves as a bundle of copper pipes: tried and tested, heavy, smooth inside, lacking flexibility.

Let’s rethink this: think heat exchangers made of plastic. We design them to be slender, modular and thin-walled. By combining various production methods and processes, we enable highly complex, interlacing geometries. These generate turbulent flows instead of laminar flows and have a large interior surface, which enables optimum heat transfer – all this with low weight.

Bionic structures in the plastic further expand the possibilities. They are similar to the channel structure of a leaf, for example. In a heat accumulator, these structures reduce the pressure drop to a minimum thanks to minimal flow resistances. Ultimately, we have converted insulating material into a high-performance heat transmitter – just one example of the inventive ideas conceived at Etimex.

We take on challenges that redefine technology… Etimex shapes the future with you!

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“We provide greater range for the mobility revolution: through the active, direct cooling of electric motors and drives!”

“We transfer know-how purposefully: into temperature-stable medical logistics!”

“We enable the safe storage of H2: via coextrusion compounding lines with EVOH in hydrogen-impermeable plastic parts!”