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Medical Technologies


Etimex’s know-how in blow moulding and injection moulding: for temperature-controlled medical logistics, for example

For a long time, Etimex has been providing ice packs for freezers produced by leading German manufacturers. Heat packs containing eutectic solutions and phase change materials are another of Etimex’s areas of expertise. The know-how derived from these products can also be applied in other areas. In medical logistics, for example, Etimex storage packs and heat accumulators have proven ideal in supporting the transport of medication within defined temperature ranges.

Re-thinking the tried and tested is typical of Etimex. In this case, seasoned competence enables the rapid availability of individually configured packs: we design the product, provide the tools and produce the packs by means of blow moulding alone or in combination with injection moulding. Special equipment ensures constant wall thicknesses and a flat design. The packs are filled with a heat carrier and subsequently sealed.

We transfer know-how to new areas… Etimex shapes the future with you!

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“We provide greater range for the mobility revolution: through the active, direct cooling of electric motors and drives!”

“We enable smart parts: high-performance heat exchangers and media-carrying assemblies!”

“We enable the safe storage of H2: via coextrusion compounding lines with EVOH in hydrogen-impermeable plastic parts!”