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Etimex supports automotive technology and comfort

Blow cores from Etimex with lengths of up to three metres are used to produce state-of-the-art, automated braiding technology for ultra-light carbon-fibre-reinforced roof frames in the luxury segment – steering spindle cuffs with plastic bearings precisely balance out body tolerances: Etimex offers added value for the automotive industry through pioneering solutions. We combine materials and processes in unconventional ways. One example is the smart combination of injection moulding, multi-component injection moulding and 3D blow moulding processes. This enables us to produce PP raw air intake ducts and TPE clean air hoses with soft interior contours – for low-resistance air flows and, consequently, more efficient mobility. We produce charge air pipes made of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide, space-saving battery holding systems, effective venting units, and more. Better solutions require competence and courage: Etimex is your partner from the design, via development, to the finished serial part.

Our components help enable high-performance batteries

Etimex is a competent partner in the development and manufacture of high-performance battery systems. We will assist you with safe battery cell carriers, including with integrated power rails. We supply complex battery aerators and ventilation systems, coolant pipes and heat exchangers. In the realm of battery protection, the Etimex product range also includes spacers for battery cells. Just a few examples for diverse possibilities: involve us in your development processes from an early stage and benefit from Etimex’s expertise, flexibility and many years of experience.

Hydrogen-impermeable plastic parts produced using the coextrusion method

To support the use of fuel cells in hydrogen-powered vehicles, Etimex is working on effective hydrogen barriers. Multi-layer blowpipes produced in a coextrusion method that combine a plastic composite with low H2 permeation on the inside and a sturdy plastic exterior represent a highly promising solution. The results of completed initial test series demonstrate a reduced H2 permeation in line with the specifications. The findings can be transferred to various application areas as needed: Etimex Technical Components is your partner every step of the way to hydrogen-based mobility and stationary hydrogen applications. 


Developing innovations is our forte

As a long-standing automotive partner – with a focus on our ground-breaking solutions for electronic drive systems – Etimex is going down the road of commercial vehicles, off-highway vehicles, rail transport, marine transport and the mobility of the future. In the process, we are aligning ourselves with our customers’ objectives and developing blow-moulded and injection-moulded components for plastics such as elastomers and thermoplastics to provide effective solutions to problems. Our currently ongoing projects, in which we enable smart parts for our customers, include venting units for battery aeration and carrier systems for battery cells: these are flat, flame-retardant, slender and dimensionally stable (tolerance of 0.7 mm for a length of 600 mm), high-strength and ultra-light. Harness the strengths of Etimex Technical Components and include us in your deliberations at an early stage: we cover various areas of application, live up to the highest expectations, produce special sizes and expertly give you an edge. 

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“We provide greater range for the mobility revolution: through the active, direct cooling of electric motors and drives!”

“We enable smart parts: high-performance heat exchangers and media-carrying assemblies!”

“We transfer know-how purposefully: into temperature-stable medical logistics!”

“We enable the safe storage of H2: via coextrusion compounding lines with EVOH in hydrogen-impermeable plastic parts!”